We are now operating under the name LEET

Whatever the challenge, you can trust us to provide you with 24/7 monitoring, metrics, and proactive solutions. Leet Geeks takes pride in providing managed IT Services for every business. Big or small.

Leverage critical technology.

Weigh in on emerging trends to assess opportunities that can give your business a competitive advantage. Laptops, desktops, smartphones to servers, virtualization to the ambiguous cloud. We cover your tech, for the entirety of your business both on-site and remotely, delivering Managed IT Services at every level for every device.

Our comprehensive approach to Managed IT Services provides you with Proactive IT, Preventative IT and Responsive IT.

Sitting down, having a casual conversation with Raul–a proprietor at Sign Idea–early October 2010, about how there was a significant lack in affordable computer repair services for DFW was where it started. It only made sense to provide these services to households and small businesses. At the time, this seemed like the most optimum path. However as time passed, Leet Geeks has grown into a business services company.  Providing asset management and managed I.T. exclusively to local and national small businesses.

We are a half-decade old Dallas Fort Worth based I.T. services company which is focused on utilizing information and creativity to help develop small & mid-sized business information systems. We do this by providing affordable hourly & flex fee managed IT services; leveraging the cloud and designing solutions just for you.

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